Yamaha Tyros Registration File Tools




Tyros Global Registration Bank Changer


Supports: Tyros, Tyros2, PSR3000 and Tyros3

Release date: 5 May 2010


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Language: English




Note: Remember to uninstall old version before installing and make sure that you don't start the setup.exe from any folder containing an '&' (ampersand). The current version of Microsoft .NET Framework will make the installation fail then.



The purpose of this program is to be able to globally change selected text in path names in all your Tyros registration files. For example if you want to:


- make a backup copy of your registration files that uses styles and/or songs   on a USB stick instead of the internal Tyros hard disk


- rename a folder on your Tyros and you want to change all your registration   files to point to that new folder



The program can search for strings in path names for you to be able to replace them with another string. For example if you change a folder name on Tyros where you have a lot of styles you can use this program to make that change to all of your registrations files quickly. There is a “Preview” button in the program that can be used to see what changes will be made before you actually apply them to your registrations files.


If you select the same output folder as your input folder it will only make changes to the files needed. If you select a different output folder than your input folder, it will copy all your registration files to your new folder including the changes you specified.


There is also a global search function in the program. Using it you can search for any text and it will then show you on the screen in which registration files that text are found. For example you have a folder on your Tyros called “Music” and you want to find out which of your registration files uses that folder.





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